In the Spring of 2011, Dr. Ricci developed a new interdisciplinary class at the University at Albany called "Reading and Writing the Happier Self," which incorporates readings in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and literature, as well as a weekly mindfulness lab. The purpose of this upper level, writing-intensive class is to help students focus their critical thinking skills on the concept of happiness, and how to use cognitive skills to help achieve a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Working from her university class,, Ricci has designed one-day weekend Happiness Workshops, which are available upon request for community groups. The workshops explore the principles of happiness research, as well as providing mindfulness-based writing instruction. Ricci has developed a new writing exercise called "Flipping the Script," which enables participants to address emotionally-charged issues in a series of story-telling exercises. The Happiness Workshops can be tailored to fit specific group needs.


Working with visual artist Kellie Meisl, Claudia Ricci offers multi-disciplinary art and writing classes encouraging participants to take risks and be willing to make "mistakes" as they express themselves in visual art and writing. Students will be encouraged to work in a variety of visual media, drawing on dreams, memories, random events and "found" objects to construct collages that have personal meaning. Storytelling exercises will help participants go deeper into the narrative threads in these collages. Participants will be encouraged to work from dreams and memories, expressing artistic impulses that promote health and well-being.


Working with colleague P.M. "Peggy" Woods, Assistant Director of the Writing Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ricci has taught a popular community writing workshop called "Write Your Heart Out," which provides inspiration and specific exercises to writers of all levels. The workshops are specifically designed to encourage creative expression among participants and to address roadblocks to the writing process.


One-on-one coaching and individualized instruction for fiction writers, or for groups seeking writing tips, encouragement and specific types of instruction, are also available.