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Dreaming Maples is a mother-daughter story set in part in a maple sugar tree forest in Vermont. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize before it was published in 2002, the novel tells the story of young Candace Burdett, who was abandoned as a baby by her mother, Eileen. Ten years later, Eileen returned to claim her daughter. The story begins when Candace, now grown, is pregnant. By weaving Candace’s harrowing tale around the painfully honest diaries kept by Eileen when she was pregnant with Candace, the novel suggests the circularity of family dramas.

Seeing Red, published in 2011, is a story of love and passion, but also, a compelling tale of a woman who discovers herself as an artist. Ronda Cari is a one-time ballerina who gave up dance to marry and have children. Years later, when the novel begins, she has fallen out of love with her husband and in love with a handsome Spanish guitarist. After her lover, Jesus, mysteriously disappears, Ronda follows him to Spain. In her whirlwind search across Andalucia, she ends up rediscovering not only her love of dance, but a renewed passion for life. Readers of all ages are raving about the story, which mixes mystery, passion, and the color and music of Spain into a novel that everyone agrees is a page-turner.


Claudia Ricci’s short fiction and poetry have been published in numerous literary magazines nationwide including Another Chicago Magazine, The Adirondack Review, Alaska Quarterly, Bayou, Blueline, North Dakota Quarterly, Yemassee, 13th Moon, Pig Iron, The MacGuffin, Pacific Coast Journal, Reed Magazine, The Little Magazine and North Dakota Quarterly.