Online Books: Castenata, Sister Mysteries and SWITCH!!

Claudia Ricci is actively experimenting with on-line writing and publishing with three books "by blog." The first blog book, a novel called Castenata, at, is the story of a nun, Sister Renata, who in 1883 is falsely accused of killing her cousin.

Ricci is also spinning a companion story to Castenata in a second blog book called Sister Mysteries, at Ricci explains the two on-line books which are intertwined this way:

"In 1995, I began writing a book, called Castenata, for my friend Nina, who had cancer. In the story it was 1883 and a nun, Sister Renata, had a cousin who was writing crazy stories about Renata being a flamenco dancer. My friend Nina got better but then I got cancer and put the book away. Sister Renata, however, would not be ignored. She reached out across time and beyond sanity, begging me to tell her story. Now, I am writing again. Sister Renata has been framed for her cousin's murder and I am telling her tale in an effort to free her from prison. Writing Sister Renata’s story serves as my healing story too – our stories are linked through and through."

SWITCH!! is Ricci’s third on-line book, at In it, Ricci is experimenting with an alternative telling of the Sister Renata tale.